Satina Pearce

I became a firearms instructor because I believe that everyone has thee inalienable right to defend themselves. Since the age of 5 I attended Martial Arts school, so being able to protect myself has always been an important skill for me.  As an adult I now enjoy empowering others especially women through defense training and teaching the number one rule in firearms which is Safety first.

When I first started shooting, I wished there were more women around to assist. When I  became an instructor I would go to the range so many women would come up to me to ask questions they didn’t have the answers to, I recognize their comfortability in approaching me. At that very moment I knew I wanted to be the face for women who was hesitant or wanted to learn this new found skill. My goal is to provide a safe, encouraging space where anyone with interest can come and learn.

My Certifications
• Maryland State Qualified Handgun Instructor 
. USCCA Certified Concealed carry & Home Defense Instructor 
• NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
• NRA Certified Instructor for Pistol, Wear & Carry, PPITH & PPOTH Instructor 
• NRA Certified Instructor for Refuse To Be A Victim
•American Red-cross and American Heart Association  First aid, Pediatric ,Adult CPR/AED Instructor and Training site
• Stop the Bleed Instructor

Class Photos